Krieg / Ramlord




Vinyl 7" of the split between KRIEG and RAMLORD. Limited to 500 total, with 300 on black vinyl and 200 on white vinyl. Released by Unholy Anarchy, available on digital, vinyl and cassette.

Prepare yourself for this crushing combination of DIY crust, punk, and blackened drudgery. USBM mainstays KRIEG conspire with Blackened Crustards RAMLORD to curate this exeptional slab of raw vinyl.

KRIEG's side of the split features two tracks, with a choice cover of DOOM's "Worthless Nothing" from 1993's 'The Greatest Invention...' LP. RAMLORD matches KRIEG's intensity with two tracks of their own, displaying the same level of depravity heard on their last split with NUCLEAR DEVASTATION.

"...but to these ears the music on this split is an even more primal union of black metal and punk, and its primal appeal is strong." - No Clean Singing

"Cool pairing and a completely deranged collection, which is a good thing." - Meat Mead Metal

500 total pressed, 200 on white and 300 on black, w/ digital download card.

Our friends at Wolves of Hades (Amsterdam) will release a limited cassette run of 100 as well.

**NOTE: Due to a press error, the KRIEG tracks are reversed on the vinyl copies - corrected track order is reflected on the digital download.


released August 4, 2014

Ramlord is...

Jann: Ritual Blood Chant/Lunar Signal 666
Benn: Coughin' Skincinerator
Mikke: Subsonic Swamp Bulldozer

Drums recorded at Flowering Hell by Mike
Vocals recorded at Fullmoon Massgrave by Jann
Axes recorded at the Rat's Nest by Jann
Mixed & Mastered by: Garry Brents

Artwork by: Jussi Pohjanen



all rights reserved


RAMLORD New Hampshire

Jan - usurper tongue and nihil resonance 6(66)
Ben - blastphemous degradation of the human spirit
Mike - incantations of reverence and sub-frequency despondence

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Track Name: Grey Sky Prison
ascend the throne
of constructs corroding
a plague in every beast
a hunger for excess filth...filth…filth...

the venom bleeds ...beneath the grass
mass graves rot ...for human mistakes
seeping into ...ruins past

swines bury their own
life sentenced to dirt
the weak punish the weak
for their insatiable thirst

foundation of existence
pillars of deceit
our minds reflect the context
spiritual decay

exhausting every resource
the aura has gone grey
no more light to witness
descending into black
Track Name: From Absolution to Eradication
Towers of filth reaching towards the dawn
Human lapse deteriorate
Reality suppressed, all life erased
Our monuments remain

By passing the knife, we are absolved
Transgressing burdens
For the thorns of guilt would bleed us
Only what we deserve