trust and love dissolves out of our grasp
we. only. really., cared for ourselves
oblivious, righteous, selfish, self obsessed
spending time constructing, a cage for yourself

soles of my feet bleeding
lashing out and
losing their feeling

blankets of misery suffocating
the cold sweat drips,
over my brow and into my iris

life isn't my aspiration... neither was to...
survive in a life of pain
fill my wounds with money

greed is your god, I'm not your slave
this. time. you're. wrong.

feelingless itching
reliefless pain

all the joy that I've seen
is fading away from me
a smoldering crater is all that's left
at the bottom i die to disease
indignant saturation of this existence
light illuminates the world- NEVER AGAIN

stagnant and lost to history
as if this pain had never happened to me, death set me free, i know I'm weak


from Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom, released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved


RAMLORD New Hampshire

Jan - usurper tongue and nihil resonance 6(66)
Ben - blastphemous degradation of the human spirit
Mike - incantations of reverence and sub-frequency despondence

contact at: ramlord666@gmail.com

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